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Breastfeeding tips - 5 tips for a successful journey

With thanks to guest blogger Cara Shields for her wisdom and advice.

Breastfeeding can be a tumultuous journey. But here are some top tips to help the journey be a little easier.

1: Knowledge is Power
Doing some research and arming yourself with as much information as you can, can give you the best chance at success. Sure, for some the latch is perfect and there are few issues - but for many, the journey can get off to a rocky start. The best way to deal with whatever happens is to have an idea what to expect and what is happening.

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Yes You Can Breastfeed When Babywearing!

Babywearing is a total lifesaver -especially when you have more than one child.! Chasing after a toddler, taking older children for a walk or simply emptying the dishwasher is a lot easier without having to put your baby down. With a baby carrier or sling you’ll keep your little one safe and snug close to you while going about your day but many mum's also wonder will they be able to nurse their baby while babywearing.

Did you know you are able to recognise hunger cues much earlier when you have your baby in a wrap or carrier close to you? As soon as your little one starts rooting and moves his head from side to side, you know it’s time for a feed - before your baby gets distressed. If only you wouldn’t have to bother taking them out of the sling and fight with meters of fabric or an endless amount of buckles before being able to feed!

Good news: Breastfeeding in a stretchy wrap or baby carrier is possible - and with a bit of practice, easier than you thought! Here’s how to go about it!

Babywearing & Breastfeeding - The Basics:
1. What to wear when nursing in a carrier

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There is no right and wrong in determining what works best for you, your baby and your circumstances.

What is important, however, is education. Only when you’re fully equipped with all the facts are you able to make an informed decision that you won’t regret.

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8 Common Breastfeeding Myths – Busted!

Outdated information and guidance are still hanging around, making its way into many conversations to become modern breastfeeding myths. In order to help you differentiate between helpful advice and old wives tales – we have busted some of the most common breastfeeding myths for you!

1. Breastfeeding Myth: Stay away from spicy food....

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We saw this on a facebook group recently and thought it was really honest and solid advice for a first time mum so asked the poster could I share it - she was delighted to share her story and tips with you too:

'Just wanted to start this post off with saying that I formula fed my first and breast fed my second for 16 months....I'm not on either side of the fence and rightly so because we're all doing our best as we see fit as new mothers!

The following however are a few things to bare in mind if you're interested in breast feeding or are in the early days where you might be finding things tough......

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