Hevea make natural rubber soothers, toys, period products and pet products. Hevea develop non-toxic, plastic free products for your loved ones: babies, kids and pets. These fantastic products made from nature are safe and sustainable.

Hevea natural rubber toys and baby soothers are the perfect addition to any nursery. Unlike traditional plastic toys, natural rubber is derived from natural sources, making it a safe and natural material for babies and toddlers to explore with. It's eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, and natural so there is no cause for concern about harsh chemicals or pollutants. Natural rubber also provides great tactile stimulation for babies, allowing them to explore shapes, textures, and more in an environment that promotes sensory play. Plus, natural rubber products have a good grip which makes them ideal for chewing - something vital when comforting teething infants! Hevea natural rubber toys and baby soothers are a responsible choice when it comes to offering your little one some safe playtime fun.