Natural Health & Beauty

Enjoy some much needed 'You Time' with gentle and effective health and beauty products for you and your family.

Natural ingredients, plastic-free packaging and eco-friendly options for your skincare, haircare, dental care and period care. 

From gorgeous handmade Palm Free soaps made in Ireland to natural deodorants from Pit Putty, Warrior and Three Hills Soap, there are eco-friendly, zero waste locally made options for everyone. You can also enjoy international brands like Trilogy and Weleda.

You can bulk buy eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes and chose from a wide range of natural toothpastes for kids and grown ups too with everything from whitening toothpastes to toothpaste tabs to compostable dental floss.

And for your periods, we have the revolutionary Modi Bodi reusable period pants (never use a tampon again!), as well as Mooncups, Hevea menstrual cups and a wide range of eco-friendly plastic free pads and tampons.


The Benefits of Natural and Eco-Friendly Health and Beauty Products
We’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat”, but what about what you put on your skin? What we apply to our bodies can have just as much of an impact on our health and well-being as what goes into our bodies. This is why it is so important to choose natural and eco friendly health and beauty products.
The Power of Plants
Natural health and beauty products are made from organic, plant-based ingredients. These plants have powerful properties that can help nourish your skin, hair, and nails. Essential oils, for example, have been used for centuries to treat minor ailments such as headaches or stomachaches, but they can also be used in topical applications such as lotions or body oils. Natural plant-based ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, honey, shea butter, and olive oil can provide a myriad of benefits to the skin including hydration, brightening effects, healing properties, anti-aging effects, protection from environmental stressors like sun damage or pollution.
Say Goodbye to Synthetics
Conventional health and beauty products often contain synthetic ingredients that can be harsh on sensitive skin types or those with allergies. Many conventional products also contain parabens which act as preservatives but could potentially disrupt hormone function in humans when absorbed through the skin. Additionally many conventional products rely heavily on animal testing which can be unethical and unnecessary when natural alternative ingredients are available. By choosing natural and eco-friendly health and beauty products you don’t have to worry about any of these things because they are free from artificial colors or fragrances as well as parabens or other synthetic chemicals. You can rest assured knowing that the product you're using is not only safe for your body but also good for the environment!
Do Good While Looking Good
Another benefit of choosing natural and eco friendly health and beauty products is that they often come from companies that prioritize giving back to their communities either by donating a portion of their profits to charities or working with sustainable farming practices that limit their environmental impact. So not only do you get high quality product with great performance results but you get the satisfaction knowing that your purchase has had a positive impact on people's lives both locally and globally!       
Natural health and beauty products offer a number of benefits to users such as nourishing skin and hair care with plant based ingredients while avoiding harsh synthetics and animal testing found in conventional products. Furthermore customers can feel good knowing their purchase has made a positive difference in people's lives both locally and globally! With so many wonderful advantages it is no wonder why more and more people are making the switch to natural and eco friendly health and beauty solutions!