Natural Health & Beauty

Enjoy some much needed 'You Time' with gentle and effective health and beauty products for you and your family.

Natural ingredients, plastic-free packaging and eco-friendly options for your skincare, haircare, dental care and period care. 

From gorgeous handmade Palm Free soaps made in Ireland to natural deodorants from Pit Putty, Warrior and Three Hills Soap, there are eco-friendly, zero waste locally made options for everyone. You can also enjoy international brands like Trilogy and Weleda.

You can bulk buy eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes and chose from a wide range of natural toothpastes for kids and grown ups too with everything from whitening toothpastes to toothpaste tabs to compostable dental floss.

And for your periods, we have the revolutionary Modi Bodi reusable period pants (never use a tampon again!), as well as Mooncups, Hevea menstrual cups and a wide range of eco-friendly plastic free pads and tampons.