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Make your baby bath time fun! At Earthmother we sell the gentlest shampoos, bubble baths and body washes for all your family. Children can be very sensitive to chemicals, especially babies with eczema or dermatitis. Our range of organic and natural baby products are gentle on the skin and will leave everyone in the family clean, happy and healthy.

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Taking a baby's bath can be both exciting and daunting. There are a couple of things to keep in mind to ensure that your little one has a comfortable, safe and pleasant bath time experience. It is important to use a chemical free bath solution, such as those made with organic and natural ingredients, because it will be gentle on the baby's skin. Also, check the water temperature carefully before putting your baby into the tub – lukewarm water is most comfortable and is less likely than hot water to cause irritation. When you have this taken care of, you can enjoy peace of mind while your baby happily splashes around!

Do I need a baby bath?

When first welcoming a newborn baby into your home, you might wonder about the many items you need for caring for them. A baby bath is certainly one of these items to consider. Baby baths serve as comfortable, miniature tubs designed specifically for babies and infants. They can provide a safe spot for bathing and can make it easier to bathe your little one by bringing them closer to the level of mom and dad! This can be especially helpful if you’re already juggling holding and caring for a wet, slippery baby. With plenty of multicolored designs out there, finding an aesthetically pleasing option that doubles as a functional centerpiece just might have you won over.

Should I bathe baby before of after feeding?

Deciding whether to bathe baby before or after feeding can be a tricky decision. The general consensus is that it's best to do what fits best into your schedule and lifestyle, as certain elements such as temperature and timing can vary depending on the parents preferences. However, most experts suggest bathing babies after they are done eating, as a warm bath can make them feel very relaxed, making it easier for them to fall asleep. Additionally, in some cases the bath can also cause their body temperature to lower and potentially disrupt digestion if given before eating. Of course, cleaning some cradle cap or giving your baby an occasional sponge bath before meals is perfectly fine too! All in all - you know what’s best for your child so trust your instincts when deciding the timing of their baths.