About Earthmother

Earth Mother is a family-run business set up by me (Siobhan!) and my husband Chris in 2010 after becoming parents to our three kids and at the same becoming more and more aware of how to keep their future safe. 

Our mission is straightforward - to provide our customers with the safest and best natural eco-friendly products for your home and family with the lowest impact on our earth. 

I became more conscious of what products I was using while pregnant for the first time and I really wanted to make sure there was nothing harmful getting anywhere near my baby. I also became a lot more conscious of my stamp on the environment, now that we were going to have a more direct involvement in its future as our children and hopefully grandchildren grow. It made me look beyond our own lifetime really! 

I shopped around - mostly on the web - and found that it was difficult to source quality products and useful information in the one place. So we started Earth Mother in order to provide like-minded parents with a one-stop-shop and information portal for all things natural and environmentally-friendly for parents and families. We have tried and tested all of the products we stock as our family has grown and we are happy to be able to share them as the best and most trusted products available in Europe. 

We endeavour to source all of our products from ethical businesses that produce natural, organic and sustainable products, ensuring a cleaner, greener world for our children and future generations. We also use minimal packaging when packing your orders, we reuse all the packaging we get from deliveries in and we never use plastic - everything is cardboard or compostable.

The most important thing we can do is make sure that you, our customer, is 100% satisfied and we will bend over backwards to ensure you have a great shopping experience with us. Please let us know what we can do for you.

Thank you so much for shopping with  us. It means a huge amount that you are choosing to support our local, family business and supporting a brighter future for our planet.

All the best

Siobhan & Chris Elsom

PS: Please feel free to contact us about anything at all. We want to hear your suggestions, comments, concerns and tips.