Kids Lunch Boxes, Sandwich & Snack Bags

Get your kids school day off to a healthy start! Lunch boxes provide an easy solution for encouraging children to make nutritious food choices. From Yumbox lunchboxes and metal containers, to reusable sandwich wraps - there's something perfect for every kids lunch box. 

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Yumbox Replacement Latch
Yumbox Mini Lunch / Snack Box Misty Aqua

Leak Free and Easy to Open for Little Hands. Pack Foods like Yogurt and Dips with Crackers and Fruit.

Hanna's Bee Wraps - Vegan Re-wax Bar
Yumbox 4 Compartment Panino Lunchbox Dreamy Purple (Panda Tray)

Leak Proof - Food Won’t Touch or Leak Outside of the Box. No Plastic Bags, Tin Foil or Cling Film. BPA-free and Phthalates-free.

Yumbox Tapas Leak Free Lunchbox 5 Compartments Greenwich Green (Jungle Tray)

The Perfect Way To Eat On The Go For Adults and Older Kids. Yumbox's unique lid seals all food wells individually. Ideal for Salads & Sandwiches.

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Page 1 of 5:    97 Items

Why your child should take a lunch box to school?

Kids’ lunch boxes are an ideal way for children to stay sustained throughout the day. By packing the lunch box with nutritious foods, you can ensure your child has food that's energizing and tasty. It's also a great way to save money - you can make fresh and delicious meals at home for much less money. Kids lunch boxes provide more variety than school lunches, with custom flavours your child doesn't have access to in the cafeteria. Plus, they provide a convenient way to keep snacks on-hand throughout the day! Kids lunch boxes make excellent investments in keeping our children mentally alert, full of good energy, and ready to learn!

Kids have a great opportunity to explore a variety of foods when packing their own lunch box. When deciding what to bring, it is important to include healthy and delicious foods that your child will enjoy eating. Foods such as fruits and vegetables are always a good option, but don't be afraid to get creative. You can also add lean proteins like turkey or tuna, along with whole grains such as brown rice or quinoa. Pack foods that offer balance in terms of protein and carbohydrates so your child has enough energy throughout the day. Include simple snacks that are easy for them to eat on their own such as yogurt, granola bars, trail mix or popcorn. Kids will love these treats and you can rest assured knowing they’re getting plenty of nutritious food!

Having a good kid's lunch box will make this process easier. Look for boxes that are leak proof (like our Yumboxes) to keep food stuff from mixing together when being transported in their bags. It should also contain enough space to fit all of your child’s favorite snacks and meals without being too bulky or heavy. Most importantly, pick one that fits into your child’s lifestyle.