Yumbox Bento Reusable Lunchboxes

We hope you love your new Yumbox! If you want some advice on which type to buy,  here's our general recommendations below but you know best what works for you and your kids!


The Yumbox 6 compartment Classic  or 4 compartment Panino work well for Junior Infants upwards. The 6 compartment classic is perfect if your child likes lots of little things, the 4 compartment Panino will work better if you want to fit in a larger item like a sliced bread sandwich (cut in 2) or a small roll. Both boxes are the same size, the amount of compartments internally (4 or 6) are the only difference. (Just fyi the inner seals unfortunately don't line up so you can't swap between a 4 and 6 compartment extra tray).

The larger Yumbox Tapas: Usually by the time your child gets to 1st/2nd class they are able for the weight of the bigger Yumbox Tapas size and it will fit a more substantial lunch for them. You can decide between a 4 or a 5 compartment tray. The 4 compartment has a larger space for a bigger sandwich/roll etc. The 5 compartment makes that space a little smaller. You can buy a 5 compartment tapas and a spare 4 compartment tray to give even more variety as the trays line up perfectly with the silicone seals. (the trays for the 6 compartment panino and 4 compartment classic unfortunately do not line up so cant be interchanged).

The Tapas is also a great lunchbox for adults - with loads of options for salads, hummus, dips, sandwiches etc. 

The Yumbox Mini works well for creche or preschool snacks and will fit some small items like berries, fruit and some small crackers etc, or even some yogurt and dips. 

Extra trays are really handy so that you have a clean tray each day while the other one might be in the dishwasher. The Tapas trays can be mixed and matched between a 4 and a 5 compartment tray (unfortunately the Panino or Classic don't line up properly to do the same). 

Please note that while Yumboxes are leakproof, it would have to be the consistency of hummus or thick yogurt etc, - runny yogurt, berry juices etc can leak through.

Yumbox Presto Leakproof 18/8 grade Stainless Steel Bento is designed for kids and adults. The 5 compartment stainless steel tray makes it easy to pack a nutritious lunch for work, school, sports and travel. Rounded edges and high quality silicone lid and stainless steel tray makes it easy to keep clean.

Why Yumbox Lunch Box is the Best Choice for Balanced and Varied Lunches

Are you a busy mom looking for a lunch box that is eco-friendly, easy to use, and provides balanced and varied meal options? Yumbox lunch boxes are the perfect solution. This lunch box should be your go-to option.

What sets Yumbox apart from other lunch boxes? The answer lies in its design. Yumbox’s bento-style lunch box with removable compartments make it the perfect choice for packing balanced meals with a variety of foods for you or your children. This style of lunch box gives you the flexibility to pack a wide range of food items, including healthy snacks like carrot sticks, nuts, dried fruit, or hummus as well as main courses such as sandwiches, salads, wraps, or sushi rolls. With its leakproof lid and airtight seal, you can rest assured that all your food will stay fresh until your child is ready to eat it.

In addition to providing a convenient way to pack balanced meals with variety, Yumbox also offers an eco-friendly solution for parents who are looking for an alternative to disposable plastic baggies or disposable plastic containers for packing lunches. These lunch boxes are made from BPA free materials that are reusable and recyclable – so you can trust that they’re good for both your family and the environment. Plus, their bright colors make them fun and exciting for kids!

Yumbox lunch boxes are the perfect choice for busy parents who want to provide their children with balanced and varied lunches without having to resort to single-use plastics. With their bento-style design and leakproof lid, these lunch boxes make it easy to pack nutritious meals that your kids will love – plus they’re good for the environment too! So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to pack great lunches every day without breaking the bank or sacrificing convenience – look no further than Yumbox!