Yumbox Bento Reusable Lunchboxes

We hope you love your new Yumbox! If you want some advice on which type to buy,  here's our general recommendations but you know best what works for you and your kids!

The Yumbox Mini works well for creche or preschool snacks and will fit some small items like berries, fruit and some small crackers etc, or even some yogurt and dips. 

The Yumbox Classic and Panino size work well for Junior Infants upwards. The 6 compartment is perfect if your child likes lots of little things, the Panino will work better if you want to fit in a larger item like a sliced bread sandwich (cut in 4) or a small roll. 

Usually by the time your child gets to 1st/2nd class they are able for the weight of the bigger Yumbox Tapas size and it will fit a more substantial lunch for them. 

The Tapas is also a great lunchbox for adults - with loads of options for salads, hummus, dips, sandwiches etc. 

Extra trays are really handy so that you have a clean tray each day while the other one might be in the dishwasher. The Tapas trays can be mixed and matched between a 4 and a 5 compartment tray (unfortunately the Panino or Classic don't line up properly to do the same). 

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