Breastfeeding can be a struggle for many new mothers, but fortunately we have some excellent products out there to make nursing simpler and more comfortable.

Breastfeeding items like Earthmother silver cups, which include antimicrobial properties as part of their natural 925 silver construction, can help keep nipples free from infection and nurse comfortably. Mamivac breastfeeding nipple shields that allows mothers to feed by protecting sore or sensitive nipples. Also helping with flat and retracted nipples or with baby's nipple confusion.

Finally, natural breastfeeding support such as GoLacta specifically formulated for nursing mothers can help shorten recovery time and boost milk production levels if needed. Breastfeeding has never been easier with these great products, so give them a try today!

The Benefits of Breastfeeding for New Mothers
Breastfeeding has been around since the start of time, and yet it still carries a stigma in some circles. But what many don’t realize is that breastfeeding is not only beneficial for baby - it can also be incredibly beneficial for mothers. From aiding in postpartum recovery to reducing stress levels, there are countless benefits to breastfeeding your baby. Let’s take a look at some of the most common benefits for new mothers.

Health Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mothers
Breastfeeding can help you get back into shape after childbirth. A natural way to burn calories, nursing can help you lose any extra weight gained during pregnancy while also releasing hormones that contract your uterus back to its pre-pregnancy size. Additionally, nursing could help reduce risk factors associated with breast cancer and ovarian cancer later on in life.

Breastfeeding also can help reduce stress levels and postpartum depression symptoms due to its role in releasing oxytocin, which is known as the “bonding hormone.” This hormone relaxes mom and helps her bond with her baby through skin-to-skin contact during feeding sessions. Breastfeeding also helps regulate hormones like prolactin and oxytocin which have calming effects on a new mothers mental health and wellbeing.

Financial Benefits of Breastfeeding
In addition to physical and emotional health benefits, breastfeeding comes with financial perks as well. Formula is expensive! Depending on the type you choose, formula can cost anywhere from €15-€30 per week or more if you have a particularly fussy baby who prefers specialised formulas like lactose free or hypoallergenic products. Nursing provides a free source of nutrition for your little one which means more money saved over time!

While there are plenty of pros when it comes to breastfeeding, it’s important to remember that not every woman chooses or is able to breastfeed their baby; there are plenty of healthy options including bottle feeding with formula or donor milk as well as pumping milk into bottles so that someone else can feed your baby while you’re away. Whether you decide to breastfeed or go another route entirely, know that whatever decision you make will be the right one for you and your family! At the end of the day, all that matters is that your little one receives all the love they need no matter how they receive their nutrition!