If you're looking to give your little one a sense of safety, comfort and security while they sleep, the Redcastle Cocoonababy is your solution. This cocoon-shaped mattress helps babies transition from the cocoon-like environment of the mother’s womb to a new sleeping environment. Intended for use from 0-3 months, it minimises startle reflex and promotes easier digestion for a more restful sleep. A nest that looks like a cocoon, is designed to help baby feel secure in their new environment with features like protective wings or cocoon sides that prevent rolling over. So if you're looking for perfect naps for your newborn, look no further than the Redcastle Cocoonababy!

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Cocoonababy Extra Fitted Sheet White
Cocoonababy Extra Protective Cover
Cocoonababy Extra Tummy Band
Cocoonababy Nest Bundle with Fitted Sheet Plus Spare Sheet
€194.99   €154.99
Cocoonababy Nest for Newborn Babies
€164.99   €134.99

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