The Handmade Soap Co

The Handmade Soap Co is a unique and special brand that has been making all natural, cruelty free soaps since the day they opened their doors. Their focus on quality and attention to detail means that each step in the soap-making process produces a product that not only helps your skin but smells good too. The Handmade Soap Co is dedicated to producing products with organic and locally sourced ingredients, guaranteeing both eco-friendly and safe soaps for everyone. The heart of The Handmade Soap Co lies in their devotion to creating a product that people can feel good about using and trust on their skin, making sure you always look your best!

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The Handmade Soap Company Hand Sanitiser

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The story begins in Donagh and Gemma’s kitchen back in 2010. Armed with two pots, some elbow grease and the most natural ingredients imaginable, The Handmade Soap Company was born. They started out small, selling their lovely handmade soaps at farmers’ markets and to kind neighbours… and from there, things just grew and grew. Pots got bigger, the range blossomed, and they added a few more hands on deck; but their mission remains the same: To bring pure, heartfelt joy to your everyday, so even the small things feel precious. Using thoughtful essential oil blends and nature’s pantry, they have lovingly created a range that will boost your mood and your skin in equal measure.