Natracare is a company that has become known for their commitment to health and the environment. They offer a wide range of certified organic and natural cotton tampons, sanitary pads, and panty liners which are free from chlorine bleaching, synthetics, fragrances, and petroleum-based plastics. Natracare puts women’s health first by creating products that have none of the harmful substances found in most brands of tampons and sanitary pads. Natracare is committed to ethical trading processes and sources their organic materials from farmers who practice sustainable methods. All Natracare products are also made with vegan-friendly ingredients so you can feel good about using them. Natracare is paving the way for an eco-friendly approach to taking care of your menstrual needs!

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Natracare New Mother Maternity Pads
Natracare Natural Curved Panty Liners

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