Baby Carriers and Slings

Yes You Can Breastfeed When Babywearing!

Babywearing is a total lifesaver -especially when you have more than one child.! Chasing after a toddler, taking older children for a walk or simply emptying the dishwasher is a lot easier without having to put your baby down. With a baby carrier or sling you’ll keep your little one safe and snug close to you while going about your day but many mum's also wonder will they be able to nurse their baby while babywearing.

Did you know you are able to recognise hunger cues much earlier when you have your baby in a wrap or carrier close to you? As soon as your little one starts rooting and moves his head from side to side, you know it’s time for a feed - before your baby gets distressed. If only you wouldn’t have to bother taking them out of the sling and fight with meters of fabric or an endless amount of buckles before being able to feed!

Good news: Breastfeeding in a stretchy wrap or baby carrier is possible - and with a bit of practice, easier than you thought! Here’s how to go about it!

Babywearing in Winter: Top Tips to Keep Yourself and Baby Warm

Wearing your baby in a sling, wrap or baby carrier can be a lifesaver on many days. It’s an easy way to keep your little one close, safe and content while going about your daily tasks. During the summer babywearing opens up an entirely new set of possibilities for you and your family. With your child securely strapped to your chest or back, you are not dependent on buggy-friendly paths and facilities. Instead, you are free to explore the world with your children and go wherever your feet may take you. 

When the days get shorter and the temperatures drop many parents refrain from putting their kids in a carrier or wrap. The reason is almost always the same: What to wear on those chilly autumn and winter days out? Between puffy jackets, scarves, hats, and woolly jumpers there is a lot going on even without adding a baby carrier into the mix. However, babywearing is just as possible on cold days as it is in the summer sunshine!

With our top tips on babywearing in the winter, you will rock your sling during the coming cold season!

What you really need in the early days of having a baby

It's your first baby and you are probably super excited and super anxious in equal measure. Once you start baby shopping it can become a little overwhelming with so many cleverly marketed items telling you they are 'must have'l but will more likely be gathering dust in months time.So we've compiled a list of items available from Earthmother that we think are essential for a healthy and comfortable start for you and your baby. And we've also listed some items we don't stock but you can find easily elsewhere.