Cloth Nappies

Welcome to our blog section dedicated to the wonderful world of cloth nappies! Whether you're a seasoned cloth nappy user, a curious parent-to-be, or simply someone interested in sustainable living, you've come to the right place. Cloth nappies, often seen as a throwback to older generations, have made a significant comeback in recent years. Thanks to modern advancements, they are now more convenient, eco-friendly, and stylish than ever before.

In our blogs, we will explore the numerous benefits of cloth nappies, from their environmental impact to their cost savings and health advantages. We’ll also provide practical tips on choosing the right nappies for your baby, how to wash and care for them, and how to make the transition from disposables as smooth as possible.

Are Kit and Kin Reusable Cloth Nappies Easy to Use?

There is a growing population of parents who have done their research and are choosing to use cloth nappies for lots of different reasons – environmental concerns about the amount of disposables they use, financial reasons as cloth nappies are a lot cheaper in the long run, and for general health reasons as cloth nappies don’t contain any chemicals or toxins. It’s a win-win for your pocket and the environment.

Cloth Nappies Everything You Need to Know

We’ve been asked a lot about cloth nappies by parents and parents-to-be who are curious, fascinated and sometimes amazed that cloth nappies even exist in their current modern form. Yes they do, and they are a million miles away from the old terry squares steeping in a bucket! These days, thanks to modern technology, reusable cloth nappies go on just like disposables, keep your baby dry and protected, they wash and dry really well and look far cuter than their disposable counterparts.

The Nappy Camper Cloth Nappy Need-To-Know Guide

So you think about using cloth nappies, give a quick Google and throw your phone/device at the wall. I get it, it’s overwhelming. How many different types are there? How many do I need? How much am I going to need to spend on them? What if they don’t suit my baby? Are they really that much better for the environment than disposables nappies if I have to keep washing them over and over again? From the wise words of Luna Petunia; “Stop. Breathe. And Believe.” 

Common Cloth Nappy Myths

By Amy, The Nappy Camper

If you have been thinking about using cloth nappies and have some concerns over the cost, environment, work involved etc then this is the post for you. I’m myth busting to help put your mind at ease. Here are 7 of the many thoughts I had before I used cloth nappies and also some arguments and facts to relate back to the “concerns” your family/friends/colleagues or even strangers might have too.  

Tips for Using Cloth Nappies for Newborns

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are expecting your bonnie bundle of joy. Whether you are thinking about having a baby or are pregnant and waiting, it’s best to be prepared if want to use cloth from birth. When I was pregnant, I wanted to know everything, I mean EVERYTHING before I met my little precious one - so make a cup of tea and get stuck in, here is everything you need to know about cloth nappying your new baby. At the end there will be a list of things you might need for your set up.

Three Simple Switches Parents Can Make To Become A More Eco Friendly Family

There is no denying that bringing children into the world takes a toll on our environment. For such small people, they can generate a whole lot of extra waste! These days, I think we are all trying to reduce our use of plastic and lessen the footprint we are leaving behind. If not for ourselves, then for our children who will have to clean up the mess once we are gone.