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Sonett Powerful Cleaning and Revitalised Waste Water - A Unique Concept!

20 April 2021  |  Admin

Sonett Powerful Cleaning and Revitalised Waste Water - A Unique Concept!

Sonett are an amazing range of cleaning products that we are delighted to be stocking at Earthmother.

We love the delicate fragrances as well as the powerful cleaning ability - but the most amazing part is that they have worked out a way to renaturise the waste water so that it isn’t harmful to the environment. A total win win for everyone!

So in a nutshell here is why we think you should use Sonett products:

  • They genuinely care about the impact of their products on the environment and have spent years researching and formulating 100% biodegradable ingredients that also work exceptionally well.
  • They use organic and/or biodynamic ingredients in most of their products and everything is vegan and plant based. 
  • They have great social initiatives including a foundation and working with local special needs communities to label and package their products. 
  • Every product we have tested works brilliantly and smells amazing (unless its fragrance free)
  • We have found a little goes a long way so your Sonett products will last longer than you think.

And here's the science bit (bare with us, its actually very interesting!):

Doing the laundry, cleaning and washing are essential to everyday life - but they do pollute water.  Sonett are passionate about protecting natural water resources by using completely biodegradable raw materials that increase the cleaning performance of the water, while focusing on the waters reintegration to biodegrade naturally in the environment.

The treatment of water plays an essential role at Sonett. When we wash clothes, rinse or wash our hair or hands, we use surfactant-containing agents that neutralize surface tension, ie the drop-forming force of the water. It is important that the surface-relaxing effect of the surfactants is broken down as soon as possible after use and that the water can quickly reintegrate into the natural cycle, otherwise we destroy water as a food in the process of this surfactant based cleaning - and that's exactly what Sonett have achieved. 

It is part of the mysterious nature of water that it forms eddies wherever it can. You can see this in free flowing streams, but also when water flows out of a pipe or in the drain of the bathtub - and you wonder why the water makes this complicated movement instead of just flowing straight away.

As we understand it, this has to do with the nature of water itself. Water is the carrier of all living things. It stands on the border between the living and the mineral - without water there is no life. The water is not only subject to the physical properties of the “dead” mineral world, but also shows forms of movement that originate from living things. Pressed through water pipes and straightened watercourses, poisoned with heavy metals, hormones and detergent residues, the water is permanently inhibited and impaired in its natural vitality.

Supporting the Vortex (yes really!)

By supporting the vortex movement of water, Sonett can also support its liveliness, the vital quality. Chemically and analytically, the water remains the same, but its internal cohesion, the cluster structure and the energy potential change fundamentally.

All of the production water used at Sonnet (currently approx. 10,000 l per day) is passed through a swirl system. The water flows without pressure through 12 egg-shaped glass vessels and accelerates to funnel vortices to give it back to same energy as pure spring water.

A gemstone hangs in the center of the vortex in every glass vortex, so that the water swirls around 12 gemstones and absorbs their energies. The spagyric crystallization shows that the water after passing through the 12 vortices has the quality of "spring water from untouched areas". We help the water to regain its own vitality. As healthy and mature water, it forms the basis for the high tolerance and naturalness of Sonett products. 

What's an Oloid mixer and how does it help reintegrate used water into nature?

An oloid is a geometrically precisely constructed rolling element that can be developed from the eversion of the cube. The Oloid is easy to move on the plane and describes a tumbling, pulsating movement. It represents a third type of movement: a rhythmically pulsating 8-shaped movement, the so-called lemniscate.

The lemniscatic inversion movement with its oscillating, rhythmically pulsating everting movement is much closer to the movements in the living environment than rotation, which circles around a center and is determined by high pressure and centrifugal forces that hurl outwards.

If you follow the course of the lemniscate, you can see how continuously the outside is turned inside and, going through the point of intersection, is turned outside again. It is a light movement that only needs a small impulse at the transition points in order to then continue to oscillate as if by itself.

In nature we find this movement in naturally flowing water, which tends towards the lemniscate in its meandering movements. Oxbow lakes, such as B. on the Rhine, are the result of this basic movement of the water when the meander loops approach more and more and are finally broken.

The inversion movement created works with the pulsating rhythm and the light forces instead of the life-destroying technique of rotation. This principle of movement has a wide range of practical applications such as water purification and treatment. 

What are Balsamic Detergent Additives and How Do They Help?

Sonett uses the Oloid as a mixing and rhythmic device for the production of balsamic detergent additives.

To support the renaturation of used water, rhythmic substances called balsamic additives are added to Sonett detergents and cleaning agents in an oloid mixer. Balsamic additives of frankincense, gold, myrrh, laurel, olive oil, rose ash and mistletoe are moved rhythmically and added in the smallest quantities to finished detergents and cleaning agents.  The movement impressed on the balsamic additives in the mixer supports the waters renaturation once it goes down the drain.

Do you use Sonett products? What are your favourites?

You can shop the full collection here