Modi Bodi Period Pants The Lowdown!

Period pants are a fantastic new reusable invention in a world where disposable sanitary wear is still the norm - but not for long hopefully! They're a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint - imagine, you can ditch a lifetimes worth of disposable tampons and pads with a reusable product that works better for you, your pocket and the environment!

We've been asked lots of questions about them, so we've put together a blog to give you a some top tips for using them:

What are Period Pants?

They are underwear with built in absorbency that can hold the equivalent of up to 10 tampons before they have to be changed. They are as comfortable as normal underwear, they look just like normal underwear, and they are very safe to use with confidence.  There is no need for tampons, menstrual cups or pads - period pants work on their own. Of course they can also be used as back up to tampons or cups if you have a very heavy flow and want the extra layer of support too. 

The internal absorbent layer is made up of different materials, including merino wool, which absorbs and locks in menstrual blood, drawing it away from the top layer to keep you comfortably dry. The outer layer is waterproof ensuring clothes don't get leaks.

What are Modi Bodi?

When we researched which brand to stock, Modi Bodi had the best reviews by far so we decided they were the best brand to work with. They are an Australian company who use the latest technology and the best quality materials - and it shows in the comfort and durability of their products over some of the high street ones that have appeared - you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to Modi Bodi vs Penneys.

How to use them:

In a nutshell, you can wear them for as long as you feel comfortable depending on how heavy or light your flow is on any day. So you might need to change during the day if you have a very heavy flow, or you may be able to wear them all day/night if you have a light flow. You will know when they are starting to feel wet that its time to change them. When you change them at home, rinse and squeeze them under your tap until the water runs clear, this gets rid of most of the menstrual blood so it isn't sloshing around the washing machine. Then you should put them in a cold wash. If that isn't practical for you, I have popped them in a 30 degree wash sometimes with the rest of the laundry and they are still fine - but it's not the recommended way!

When washing, you shouldn't use any fabric conditioner as this will affect absorbency. And you should allow them to line dry, they aren't suitable for tumble drying. But they usually dry quickly enough anyway.

If you need to change them when you're out of the house/at work/school etc, you will just need to bring a waterproof wet bag or even a compostable bin bag  etcto hold your used pair. We have lots of lovely wet bags available here.

What Period Pants to Buy?:

We recommend you start with the heavier absorbencies so you aren't disappointed if the light-moderate aren't enough. There are lots of different shapes available so you can go with a style you usually wear anyway - there are high waist bikini style, classic full briefs, even boyshorts and loads of variations of these so have a browse and see what works for you. We recommend you need 5 or 6 pairs to get you through your period without waiting for them to come out of the wash, but again this depends on your flow and how many days you usually get your period for. 

What about period pants for girls getting their first period and teens?

My friends with teens are raving about their new Modi Bodi's! And what is not to love - no crinkly bulky sanitary pads in the school bag, no worry about leaks and a very discrete option for young girls who might be a little self conscious. The Red Hipster range is especially designed for girls and teens and start from age 8 up to age 16. Or you might prefer to go with the adult version starting from an XS size, 

What about swimming in period pants?

There is a specific swimming range available but it's only recommended for light flow days so it mightn't give protection in a swimming pool if you have a heavy period day - but they would be a great extra layer of protection if you felt you wanted it. They are also great for sea swimmers to wear under their wetsuits etc. and very reassuring for young girls at swimming classes. 

Do they work for weak bladders/incontinence too?

Yes, they can also be used for mild incontinence , so really handy when running or doing other sports where weak bladder muscles have been affected by childbirth etc.