8 Eco Essentials for Your Newborn Baby

Welcoming a new baby into your family is such an exciting time, so many firsts, new feelings and possibilities are waiting for you! However, there is also an entirely new market you need to navigate: the baby product market, which is larger than it ever was before! Getting ready for your newborn can be quite confusing and expensive, especially if you are trying to embrace a zero waste/less waste philosophy and you’ll realise you probably won’t need half the products that are marketed as essentials.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a list of all eco newborn bits and bobs that aren’t just helpful in those days of early parenthood but are also much kinder to our planet!

1. A Stretchy Wrap

Babies love being close to their parents, but carrying your new baby in your arms quickly becomes unpractical and tiring. Babywearing to the rescue – it keeps your baby snuggled up close to you feeling reassured and safe and you still have two free hands. Stretchy wraps like the Boba Wrap are our favourite for newborn - once you get the hang of it, they are very easy to put on and due to their stretchy nature, they mould around your baby’s body like a warm embrace! Wearing your baby in a stretchy also has many other advantages. Due to your baby being with you while you go about your day, they learn from everything they hear and see, which benefits their own development. The recommended carrying position can also help with calming colic and contributing to healthy hip development.

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2. Cloth Nappies

Did you know that a regular disposable nappy can take up to 500 years to decompose due to the amount of plastic it contains? Not a nice thought. Luckily, you can forget about it as modern cloth nappies are gaining in popularity at a massive rate. No wonder - once you get the hang of it, they are super easy to use, kind to your baby’s skin and so much better for the planet! Think about it – even if you just use one cloth nappy a day, it results in 365 fewer nappies going to landfill a year!

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3. Reusable Breast Pads

If you are breastfeeding, you will quickly realise why there is a need for breast pads. Breasts can leak at any given time during the day or night, so in order to protect your clothes from sogginess and stains, breast pads are essentials you don’t want to miss. Choosing between disposable and reusable breast pads is a no-brainer. Your choice is between crinkly and itchy plastic pads or fleece, cotton or bamboo pads which will be right up against one of the most sensitive spots of your body – which do you choose? The only downside is they are like socks that vanish miraculously in the washing machine so best to stock up on a few pairs!

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4. Breast Pump

Following on from the nursing pads, a breast pump is a handy gadget to have, even if you are not planning on giving your baby breast milk from a bottle. Breast milk can be used for more than just feeding. For example, it can even be used in your baby’s bath as an ointment for minor skin irritations, or once your baby started solids, you can mix it in their food or offer it in a sippy cup. The Pumpd breast pump is easy to use, super easy to clean (it is dishwasher safe!) and yet it is incredibly effective as it works with your body and collects your letdown milk. It also makes zero noise, which is very handy if you are expressing at work or while your baby is asleep!

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5. Washable Wipes

Wet wipes are essential as soon as a little human enters your life. They are not just useful for changing nappies, but also for mucky hands, snotty noses, spills, stains and so on. However, most disposable wipes are more than a “wet tissue” – they contain plastic and are therefore not biodegradable (its ok, we sell biodegradable ones at Earthmother!) In fact, wipes are the leading cause of all sewer blockages and end up on river beds and in the ocean polluting the water. Thankfully, there are some reusable options out there, that will help you save the planet and money! They are made from organic cotton, which means they are soft against your baby’s skin and soaked in water they are just as effective as their disposable counterparts. There are also loads of handy recipes online to create your own gentle baby wipes solution to dip your reusable wipes into. We’ll do a blog on it soon too!

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6. Plastic-free baby hairbrushes & combs

Whether your newborn baby is born with a full head of hair or with just a very fine fluff – chances are you will find yourself stroking those beautiful locks quite often! When choosing a hairbrush or comb for your baby, you can’t go wrong with a zero plastic soft goats bristles wooden brush that will gently massage your little ones head without irritating the sensitive scalp. To tame thicker baby or toddler hair, the medium strength bristles will ensure a tear-free brushing session, especially when paired with an antistatic wooden comb! Did you know that brushing your baby’s hair gently massages their head, which helps them to release stress and sleep better?

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7. Wetbags

A wetbag is an absolute must-have for those early weeks of parenting and beyond. These handy bags are watertight and spill-proof, which means they will keep any type of mess contained when you are out and about. Use it for storing dirty cloth nappies, soiled clothes or wet swimsuits. The best thing: wetbags are washable! Just open the zip and pop straight into your washing machine – super easy and super practical and will last you for years!

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8. Washable Changing Mats

Whether you use a changing table or the floor, a washable changing mat is something you can’t miss on your list when shopping for baby items! Nappy changes can become pretty adventurous pretty fast. There will be leakages, spills and little trickles before, during or after changing your newborn baby’s nappies and if you don’t want your furniture, floor or clothes to get wet and stained, a waterproof mat is your best bet. The waterproof layer is topped with cuddly organic cotton, which ensures maximum comfort and safety without adding any bulk to your changing bag.

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So there you go, we hope these tips are useful and help you chose the most practical and sustainable items for your new bundle of joy! Enjoy those newborn special moments...