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Why Should You Deep Clean Your Washing Machine?

30 March 2020  |  Admin

(with thanks to our friends at Eco Egg)

Spring cleaning - in current times more crucial than ever - can be a love it or hate it chore. But either way, there's definitely satisfaction in knowing your home is fresh and clean - from washing all your curtains, to getting into the deep dark corners of the fridge, under the sofas, behind the cupboards and… even deep cleaning your washing machine.

With these simple steps to deep cleaning your washing machine, you'll ensure it is kept in tip top condition, working efficiently, and to it’s full potential. Not to mention the soft and spring fresh laundry!

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Clean out the washing machine drawer

If you’ve previously used traditional detergents, or use products in your washing machine drawer, the chances are it’s a bit of a mess. So if possible, remove the drawer and use hot soapy water and a cloth to give it a thorough clean (don’t worry if you can’t remove it, still go through the same process). Use a toothbrush or bottle brush too to help you get in to all the small ridges and corners too. 


Detox your washing machine

Using an Eco Egg Laundry Egg is only half the story – if you want the best results from your laundry, detoxing your washing machine is vital. With the Eco Egg Washing Machine Detox Tablets, the drum and pipes, and all the bits you can’t get to easily, will be thoroughly clean and clear too. It’s especially important to do this before you start using an Eco Egg Laundry Egg.


Washing Machine Door and Drum Seal

The washing machine seal traps moisture and gets no air. Over time this can trap bacteria and black mould can grow which can start to release odour. Especially if you use detergents and fabric conditions as these act as a food source for bacteria.

So, grab (another) bowl of hot soapy water and a large cloth, and get in there. Don’t remove the seal but just pull it back and see what’s deep within! If the hot soapy water isn’t quite clearing more stubborn mould, you may need to use an environmentally friendly mould remover to get rid of the excess.


Use the right detergents

Traditional detergent powders, gels and liquid, and other products too, all leave residue in your machines and create build up in the pipes which over time cause odour. This is where the Eco Egg Laundry Egg comes in. It’s not like traditional detergents in this way as the natural mineral pellets leave significantly less residue in your machines (and on your clothes too).


Regularly Deep Cleaning Your Washing Machine with Hot Washes

Playing our part to help protect the planet, most of us now choose to do our washing at 30 or 40 degrees. Although this is a great step to using less energy, its important to do a monthly hot wash. Use the Eco Egg Washing Machine Detox Tablets once a month at 90 degrees to kill bacteria, get rid of dirt and ensure your washing machine is always running to its full potential.


So remember, detergents/your Laundry Egg is only half the story. Deep cleaning your washing machine on a regular basis is vital to ensuring it works to it's full potential, and you are getting the most of your washes. Our final tip - always make sure your washing machine door is left open when not in use to increase the air into the machine and reduce any damp smells.


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Do you have any tips when it comes to your laundry routine and using your Eco Egg?